Michael J. Orlando-Videography



All equipment providers

are not the same

You have a vast amount of providers to choose from and what you want is the best possible end result for the best price. I introduce a balance between using quality equipment, and delivering an excellent product. I’m not the cheapest but you will be happy with the experience for years to come. I am an owner/operator based in Orlando, FL.

I typically provide a 2-camera shoot, including all recording, audio, and lighting, to complete the task. I come completely self-contained.  


cameras, tripods, recorders,

switchers, web casting, drone

and more

The centerpiece of the video equipment is the Sony FS7M2 Super 35 video camera. This is a true Cine video camera and not a DSLR. We have several Cine lens including a Tokina 11-22mm wide angle and two Fujinon Cine lens 18-55mm & 50-135mm. The second camera is a Sony A7RIII full frame camera with FE 24-70mm & 70-200mm lens. Both camera use a fluid head tripod or can be mounted on a gimbal stabilizer.

A DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ V.2 professional drone is used for any outdoor video or photography.

Video support equipment for switching, recording, or web casting: A Black Magic ATEM 8 input switcher to control the camera and graphic sources to the recorder and web cast. A Black Magic Web Presenter to push to the web, A Black Magic Hyper Deck Studio to record HD video for later editing.

All equipment can support a recording session or a live environment. 


audio and lighting

mixers, microphones, speakers

lights, and more


The heart of the audio equipment are the mixing consoles used to run both live or web/recording feeds. The live desk is a 12 channel surface to control all house audio. The web/recording console is a 4 channel desk to control audio to the recorders and the Web Presenter.

I use Shure Beta 58 handheld microphones as well as Sennheiser G4 300 wireless microphones. I also have a Sennheiser HSP 4 headset microphone for the wireless transmitter as well as a lavaliere.

I can also supply a speaker system when needed.


I employ the latest technology in video lighting by using the Apture Light Storm LC300X LED lighting kits. These lights not only adjust the brightness of the light but also the color temperature to make set up quick and accurate. Boom lighting stands are used to get the fixture to the correct height for the best cast.

post production

editing, graphics, animations

and more

After the content has been captured, we can go back to the studio and edit the video,  photos, and any other assets into a video to be delivered in just a few days.

Graphics, animations, and music can be added to add to the production value of the project. I have several accounts with royalty free assets to make the video custom to your needs. 

I have a 1TB Dropbox account so transferring of the final video is easy and delivery to your computer painless.