Michael J. Orlando-Videography


Drone and video editing


drone, video editing, graphics, anamations, and music

I was contracted to document a golf course that was under construction. I made several runs of each hole and edited a video of all the holes with music and graphics

“Michael did a fantastic job, our client was thrilled to have the work on the golf course documented for their members. Michael gave us professional advice and stepped us through the process. We couldn’t be happier.”

-Nancy R

Equipment used: DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ Professional drone, Final Cut Pro X editing software, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Assets and processing

This video shoot took 6 hours to complete. It required a FAA LANNCE to fly the space as we were near a small airport. Video and photos were taken during the pass of each hole as well as some ground photographs. The completed video was delivered via my Dropbox account. They were able to upload the video to their YouTube channel and link it to their web site.

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