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the creative idea using the right gear

Blending our creative thoughts with the right equipment to capture the elements¬†needed for a successful outcome. All parts of the project is thought out and planned using the correct equipment for the task. From a steady tripod,¬†handheld stabilizer, or drone shot, we’ll have it covered.

Video and Web Equipment

Using the latest model of the Sony FS7 line, the Mark 2 camera opens up a vast dynamic solution to shooting many types
of video. It has a full frame Super 35 sensor that allows us to capture the best possible image. All lens for the camera are
Cine lens and can maintain F2.8 throughout the focal length of each lens. The lens for the camera range from 11mm-135mm
across multiple lens types. Our second camera is also a full frame camera in the Sony A7RIII camera. Both cameras can be used
on a tripod, or on a handheld gimbal/stabilizer. The Cameras can record internally, or to an outboard camera record rack. The
record rack not only contains a 4TB capacity hard drive unit, but can also switch up to 8 sources and feed a live web cast at the
same time.

Photography Equipment

We will be using an exceptional camera in the Sony A7R III. It is a full frame, mirrorless camera capturing 42Mp photographs
of your project. This camera can be used on a tripod, or a gimbal/stabilizer for smooth video. The lens for the camera range
from 11mm-200mm across multiple lens types plus a 1.4X

Aerial Support

I am using the industry standard DJI Phantom Pro+ V2 Drone with cinema ND filters to great outdoor aerial video and
photography. I have a current FAA Airman Certificate to legally fly drones commercially. I also carry Drone Insurance for
your peace of mind.

Editing System

We use Apple Final Cut Pro X with the full suite of Apple editing products to support the editing process. Using a
high end Mac computer and an outboard Raid systems, we can edit your videos and provide you with a product that
will match your vision.


From time to time we will have equipment available to rent during our slower periods. We have a third party handle the
rentals for us and would be local to Orlando, FL. Please use the link below to take you to the rental site.


Since we are always gathering video and still images during our projects, we sometimes capture a great video or
photo of a subject that can be used in other areas. We will post some of our favorite shots in a "for sale" page on
our site when we have some great shots to view.

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